The Barn in the Middle of Nowhere?! (Doctor Who Listen)

So, can we talk about this barn? 

From ‘The Invasion of Time’ we know that outside the capitol of Gallifrey are the wastelands and people don’t really go back and forth between them that often.Considering that there was nothing around the barn and no house he could have run from, it seems likely that the barn was either in the wastelands, or not on Gallifrey at all. Due to the color of the sky when the War Doctor approaches the barn, it’s more likely that the barn is in fact not on Gallifrey. Then again, due to budgeting the sky hasn’t always been very consistent…

Whether or not the barn is on Gallirey or in the middle of no where on some other planet, we are still left with 2 questions; how did the young doctor get there from his home (that was most likely in an estate in the capitol) and why would a child who is scared at night sneak out of their city and travel to a barn in the middle of no where just to cry and hide under blankets? 

Also, as a mostly unrelated side not…that would have been the perfect place to introduce big brother Brax….just saying. 



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